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Writer's Block: Drawing a blank

Have you ever forgotten to do something really important? What was it?

I haven't finished any of my stories!!! Ahhhh >_< or a freaking chapter...... this is ridiculous ::sigh:: major brainstorming time!

New Story

I'm currently working on a couple of FanFics. 1 wolf lake one which I will start posting here after I've finished the chapter I'm working on... if you are impatient like my best friend you can find it on www.fanfiction.net/~tiffanym along with my Inuyasha adaptation of John Tucker must die lol.... coming soon is an orginal AU Inuyasha, Harry Potter and possibly a couple more.... I'm bored so feel free to add me =D

My 1st Entry!!!!

hey soooo I'm gonna try this out lol. It's my first entry here!!! Fan-fictions will be up soon as well as random gossip, be forewarned :I'm really random lol =] here a little bit of info

Names Tiffany, Lu Lu, chick-a-dee.... take your pick ^_^
I'm 19
Love all kinds of Music, Electro and Rock are my obsessions
Majoring in Creative Writing, Film
Minor in Criminal Justice with a few BA classes in between
I love all art which of course includes music writing theater and art art lol
Love to sing
Reading is my favorite thing to do
Love writing
I can sing && play guitar, heck I can't even whistle lmao
In a band called Kiss Me Pretty
Lead Singer and Guitarist
band myspace: www.myspace.com/kikissmepretty
Song Writer
Love Animals of all sorts
Not a big fan of bugs ::eeckk::
Big Environmentalist
My myspace: www.myspace.com/tinita_loves_you
check out my Random Rambling on blog spot http://randomsimmer.blogspot.com/ a few of which will be featured here
My Company Website is www.kill-herindustries.weebly.com

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